Phil Britt

Contingent Leader

Phil has been a leader for 20 years and was the Australian Contingent Leader to the 13th New Zealand Venture, the largest Contingent to ever leave Australia. He was the Deputy Contingent Leader for the 12th New Zealand Venture, and Deputy Contingent Leader for the Victorian Contingent to AV2015, and has attended the last 6 Australian Ventures. Phil is a Venturer Leader at 1st Traralgon in Victoria and has a passion for international travel.  His Venturer unit is probably one of the most travelled units in Australia! He is looking forward to providing the trip of a lifetime to as many Australian Scouts & Venturers as possible!



Deputy Contingent Leader

Kusi has been making the most out of Scouting, Venturing and Rovering for the last 10 years. In 2016 he was the Deputy Contingent Leader for the 13th New Zealand Venture and in 2013 he was the Assistant Contingent Leader for the 12th New Zealand Venture, and has now attended 5 Ventures in total. Kusi has had an amazing time at every one, and above all enjoys the close friends that he has made at each. In 2017 Kusi will be leading his own contingent to the 17th World Scout Moot in Iceland!

Shane Troyahn

Deputy Contingent Leader – Logistics

Shane hails from Brisbane and is the Assistant Group Leader at Marsden Scout Group. He joined scouting as a cub scout at the age of 7 and have been a part of it ever since now for over 20 years. The World Jamboree in America will be his 4th World Jamboree, and Shane has previously been the Australian Deputy Contingent Leader for the World Jamboree in Japan in 2015, a Subcamp Leader at the World Jamboree in Sweden in 2011 and an IST member at the World Jamboree in England in 2007. Shane has also attended 3 Australian Jamboree and one other international jamboree.  Away from scouting he is married with 4 kids and works for Jimboomba Turf as the Assistant Farm Manager and Grower. My other interests include Cricket, AFL and exploring the great outdoors.


Ruby Mavor

Assistant Contingent Leader

Ruby started started her scouting experience at the age of 6 in the joey section.  She then went onto cubs, scouts and venturers. As a Scout she achieved her Australian Scout Medallion and has now joined her local rover crew and looks forward to the adventures it brings.  In 2013, Ruby attended the 23rd Australian Jamboree as a Patrol Leader. In 2015, through fund-raising and a part time job, Ruby attended the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan. This event was truly a highlight of her life as she learnt many skills, met lots of new friends from all over Australia and the world, and it was a truly life changing experience.  Her aim is for all members involved in this trip, no matter what level, to have the most ‘mind boggling’ and amazing experience possible and look forward to meeting contingent members closer to our departure date.

David McKay

Assistant Contingent Leader

David is currently a Rover and has also completed the Cubs, Scouts and Venturer sections. Some highlights during his Scouting life so far include been presented with the Australian Scout Medallion and Queen’s Scout Award. David has also been privileged to attend two Australian Jamboree’s, the 2015 World Scout Jamboree and a Venturer service project in Fiji. David believes that these once in a lifetime opportunities and experiences from international Scouting are priceless and leave long lasting memories. He encourages everyone to attend an international event and experience this for themselves! He is looking look forward to meeting all contingent members closer to our departure date, and in the meantime working with the rest of the contingent management team to help our trip run smoothly and ensure everyone has the best experience possible!

Lloyd Nurthen

Admin & Finance Manager

Lloyd is the Youth Commissioner for Scouts NSW. He joined Scouts back in 2006 as a Cub Scout and has been right through all Sections and still currently a Rover at 1st Caringbah. Lloyd has had plenty of National and International Travel experiences with the latest being KISC 2016. In between Scouting, he works as a Program Manager in the Customer Experience Team at Woolworths.

Gary Park

Adult Support Manager (Troops)

Gary is the Region Commissioner for Mt Dandenong Region in Victoria, the largest region in Victoria.  Gary is dedicated to ensuring that every line leader of the Contingent has a rewarding experience and is well supported in their role of supporting our youth members.  Gary undertook a similar role at the 13th New Zealand Venture and did an outstanding job keeping our adult leaders on track, well rested and sane which helped enhance the youth experience.  Gary has also attended many Australian and New Zealand Ventures as a line leader and CMT member.

Rod Byrnes

Health and Welfare Manager

Rod is currently the State Commissioner for Venturers in Victoria and has attended many international events as part of the Contingent Management Team in a Welfare capacity.  Rod’s caring nature and ability to get the job done makes him the ideal candidate for Health and Welfare Manager.  He has also attend many Australian and New Zealand Ventures at a line leader and was the Health and Welfare manager for the Australian Contingent to Kandersteg in 2016.

Nick Miller

Contingent Support

Nick is a Venturer and soon to be Rover from 1st Traralgon and has travelled to Europe and Kandersteg in Switzerland, attended the 13th New Zealand Venture and the 15th Australian Venture in South Australia.  Nick is focused on providing logistical support to the Contingent and supporting the team behind the scenes as well as learning how Contingents run.  Nick has been involved in Scouting since Joeys and enjoys international travel.


Phil Nickl

Marketing & Communications Manager

Phil has been a scout since the ripe age of 6 when he joined Joeys! Since then he has gained the Grey Wolf, Australian Scout Medallion and Queen Scout Award, and attended many National and International Events. Phil is currently a Rover in the NSW Lone Rover Crew. He is looking forward to ensuring as many Australian Scouts have the chance to attend this once in a lifetime trip!


John Eddy

Assistant Marketing & Communications Manager

John is a Rover in Victoria and and has travelled to Europe and Kandersteg in Switzerland, attended the 13th New Zealand Venture and the 15th Australian Venture in South Australia.  John has been involved in Scouting since Scouts and is focused on managing the social media content for the Contingent.