Fundraising Ideas

A World Scout Jamboree costs many thousands of dollars to attend. There are however many ways to help reduce this amount through local fundraising.

Start with a simple plan and a fundraising target in mind. Then gather together as many friends from your local area as you can that are interested in attending. Organise a gathering to discuss ideas for fundraising using some of the ideas listed below. Don’t forget to invite your parents and leaders along to help support you in your activities, and always ensure that your activities are organised safely and with appropriate supervision.

Start Early

$7000+ is a lot of money in one go, but starting early and setting smaller targets makes it much easier and achievable. $50 a week will soon add up! Grab a little part-time job or cut back on that internet shopping – it wont take long to see some success! (Think about it: a new shirt, or white-water rafting?! – we know what we would choose.)

Join Forces

Chances are you will be encouraging all your Scout mates to join you on this epic adventure, so why not share the load. It’s a lot easier to save the money if you are supporting each other, setting and reaching goals and swapping ideas.


Ah yes, the scouting movement’s old friend. It may be tricky to organise, but it’s definitely worth the effort in the end. Get together with your troop/unit and leaders, and put some fundraising activities into the calendar. One per term makes all the difference! Below is a list of ideas to get you started:

  • Bunning BBQs
  • Monster Scout raffle
  • Phone book deliveries
  • Flyer deliveries for local businesses
  • Chocolates
  • Sell Christmas trees
  • Raffle a trailer of firewood
  • Car wash
  • Garage/Car boot sale
  • Trivia night