It was another hot day for us in Washington DC with Scouts now having seen the majority of “bucket list” attractions. Lincoln Memorial, The White House, the International Spy Museum, a visit to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and United States Capitol building have been ticked off the list. Meanwhile, other iconic American cultural experiences have been experienced. Some Scouts have taken a trip to Walmart, while others have dined at Chick-fil-A.

You might have already seen it on Facebook, but one lucky Patrol managed to fight the heat in a unique way with the help of the Washington DC Fire Department! The spray down by the fire hose was welcomed in the 40 degree weather.

Earlier in the morning, our International Service Team (IST) members left for the Jamboree site. Over the next two days before we arrive onsite, they’ll finish setting up the site to ensure it’s good to go. At this Jamboree, there are over 10,000 adult supporters on the IST Team. They form an integral component of the Jamboree helping to facilitate the smooth running of the event. The IST serve in roles such as food distribution, operating activities, assisting with transport, providing medical assistance, to even cleaning the toilets! 

It will be an early night for many as we edge closer to leaving for the Summit Bechtel Reserve. After dinner, Scouts spent the night relaxing in the American University common rooms playing card games and watching television. These opportunities provide invaluable bonding experiences to bring the Contingent together before we head to the main event in two days.