The final day of our Washington DC pre tour is slowly coming to an end. This afternoon has seen Patrols arriving back to our accomodation earlier than previous days. Some Scouts are opting to catch up on some washing before we head to the Jamboree site, while others are looking for an escape from the hot weather we’ve sweltered through today.

Walking through the city it’s hard to move 20m without running into another group of international Scouts! Belgium, Argentinian, American, Swedish and Mexican, amongst others, are swarming the city also on their pre tours. Badge swapping and scarf trading has already commenced, with Scouts keen to trade their Australian merchandise for something from another country. 

Our bright shirts, scarfs and Akubra hats are also attracting plenty of attention. Locals are keen to find out why we’re visiting, where we’re from, and will often tell you their story about being involved in Scouts or a trip they’ve one to Australia. The locals are excited to have us here, very welcoming, and forthcoming with inside tips on where to visit and what to do.

Tomorrow is an early day as we bus all 600+ members of the Contingent to the Jamboree site – Take Me Home, Country Roads! 🎶 Busses begin leaving from our University accomodation at 8.30am, and should arrive at the Summit Bechtel Reserve after an approximate 6 hour bus ride. Plenty of time to catch up on some sleep or see the American country side.

Once we arrive onsite, it’ll be straight to work as Troops must set up their home for the next 10 days. Dining shelters, tents, stretchers, and kitchen will be unloaded from two large crates that have been delivered to each campsite. To ensure all 47,000+ campers have somewhere to sleep, campsites are precisely laid out to the metre. In amongst the campsite set up, Troops will begin dinner preparations, all amongst meeting new friends from the neighbouring Troops. 

We’ll have another update once we arrive onsite, but don’t expect to hear too much as the day will be filled with a long bus ride.