The Aussies have arrived! After a long day of travel, with arrivals late into the night, the Aussies are now settled into their home away from home. Our arrival onsite was met with torrential rain and lightning warnings, testing the resilience of some Scouts. Thanks to the efficient planning and preparation by the event organisers, a quick set up ensured Scouts could be dried, fed and off to bed before too late.

Activities were open from 8am the next day, with Scouts heading off to explore the Summit Bechtel Reserve. The site is incredible, and will take days to fully explore. Activities are spread across the whole site, with often an hour or two of walking required to get to activities. The 1km zip line and rock climbing walls are popular attractions, with Scouts lining up early in the day to ensure they get a turn. 

After an action packed day of activities, the Jamboree was officially opened by Bear Grylls, the Chief Ambassador for World Scouting. Bear Grylls made a dramatic appearance by repelling onto the stage, before an upbeat performance from “Recycled Percussion” got the arena on their feet. Their unique performance used blenders, ladders and angle grinders to mix hit songs together with a twist. 

Closing the night out was a breath taking Drone Show. Hovering above the main stadium were hundreds of illuminated drones programmed to morph into shapes, words and symbols. The event logo, skateboards, “Adventure”, the event mascot and the World Scout Symbol danced across the night sky in a mesmerising display of technology.