It’s been a big few days at the World Scout Jamboree! Scouts have now explored the campsite, and enjoyed some of the adventure activities. High Ropes, Sport Shooting, Archery, Mountain Biking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Zip Lining, Skateboarding and Rock Climbing are just some of the incredible high adrenaline activities available. While sometimes the wait times can be long, the queues give an opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy the cultural atmosphere of a Jamboree.

But it’s not all adventurous activities here. Robotics, chemistry, engineering, Amateur Radio, Geocaching, living sustainability and learning about faiths and beliefs are an option for Scouts to explore. Onsite there is also the Sustainability Treehouse, an incredible five story interactive building that allows Scouts to explore the human impact on our environment, and ways we can improve environmental sustainability.

What you might have also heard about is the size of the campsite. The Summit Bechtel Reserve is HUGE! We’ve taken a quick poll, with most Scouts clocking up to 20,000 to 30,000 steps per day! On an average day, it will often take half an hour or more to walk from a campsite to Summit Centre, the epicentre of the Jamboree.

However, after almost perfect weather for the majority of the Jamboree, the rain has arrived. In typical West Virginia fashion, if you don’t like the weather – wait five minutes! It would be sunny, then thunder and lightning, and back to sunny and humid again! While most activities operate in the rain, there are some activities such as the Zip Lines which suspend operations during lightning activity. The rain only adds to the adventure, and for some activities like mountain biking, more mud and more fun!

Back to the adventures we’ve been enjoying – one favourite for many Scouts is a day adventure to Mt Jack. This day-long activity is a brisk, yet picturesque hike up Mt. Jack, the highest point of the Summit Bechtel Reserve. Up the top, there is a collection of unique activity centres focussed on Scouting and the lifestyle of times gone by. There’s a Spartan Race, ferris wheel made from rope, spars and wood, Tartan Games, and an afternoon campfire. While up top, there is a commanding view of the World Scout Jamboree site and the New River Gorge providing a perfect opportunity for photos.

While you’re here taking a read of our adventures, our Global Ambassadors are also keeping everyone back home up to date. Toby and Annabel are bouncing around the Jamboree site recording and blogging their adventures. Their special access to areas of the Jamboree provides inside knowledge on what the Jamboree is like from a participant perspective. Find their blog here.